Ready. Chef. Go! ®

Ready. Chef. Go!® Cooking Bags are helping grocers across the nation capitalize on growing consumer demand for fresh, healthy, convenient, and minimally-processed meals.

These revolutionary bags are used to package fresh meals with raw ingredients for customers to cook at home in as little as three minutes with amazing results. No dirty pots or pans and little cleanup required!

Pre-packaged Grab-N-Go meals and Made-To-Order meals provide unrivaled convenience to customers. Choose from Microwave & Oven Bags or Grilling & Oven Bags for your program. 

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Ready. Chef. Go!® Consider Dinner Done.

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Made-to-Order Meal Program

Grab-N-Go Meal Solution

“I cooked fish, salmon, chicken, beef, and even vegetables in them. No one would have ever guessed that it came out of the microwave. I know microwaved foods tend to be dry and have a general bad taste but none of that is true with these steam bags. I’m not sure what kind of magic was used in creating them but the meats were all thoroughly cooked, not at all dry, and very tender and delicious.”
C. Jones
Elk Grove, CA

Supercharge Your Store's Perishables Sales with Revolutionary Cooking Bags for the Microwave, Oven, and Barbecue

Grocers can create their own unique Ready. Chef. Go! program