Water Soluble Bags from Elkay
Convenience and protection from dirt and contamination.  

Safe to Use

When laundered in water over 140°F, the Polyvinyl Alcohol bag material dissolves completely and leaves no residue that can harm garments, laundry equipment or waste treatment systems. The bags are highly resistant to most organic solvents, greases, fats and oils, are impervious to most gases, and will not generate a static charge.


Elkay Water Soluble Bags are puncture-resistant and can be used to hold wet or damp materials for hours without rupturing. The bag and its contents can be placed in an industrial washing machine*, where the exceptionally hot water (140° F -- 66° C or above) used in commercial laundry causes the bag and tie tape to dissolve. *These bags are not for household use.


Water Soluble Bags are an environmentally-friendly and hygienic solution to minimize contact between staff and contaminated laundry. They’re commonly used in healthcare and industrial settings to isolate, transport and clean soiled bed linens, clothing, uniforms, etc. 
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WSB2633 20-25 GALLON 26 X 33
WSB2839 30-32 GALLON 28 X 39
WSB3639 40-45 GALLON 36 X 39

Be sure to let your Jan-San customers know that Water Soluble Bags can also be used to store dirty mop heads and covers! It's a great way to protect workers from contamination and transport soiled items.

Elkay Water Soluble Bags are available in three popular sizes and are packaged on rolls in a convenient slide seal outer package. The bags are packaged 25 bags per roll with four rolls per case (100 bags/case).