Header Pak® Bags from Elkay®
Speed Up Your Manual Packaging Operation!  

Great Solution for Manual Packaging

Header Pak® bags are a great choice to speed up manual packaging operations because filling them is quick and easy. The 1.5 mil LDPE bags are excellent for packaging most small items, and the bags are even FDA-compliant for use with food products. 

Convenient and Efficient

Header Pak® bags are low density polyethylene bags packaged on a chipboard header that holds the bags securely in place for fast filling. To help maintain productivity, the bags are packed 100 bags per header and feature perforations for easy tear off. These bags are designed to be used with one of Elkay's Saddle Pack Stands or similar industry standard stands with three inch hole spacing.
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P15F0305 3 X 5 5000
P15F0406 4 X 6 5000
P15F0608 6 X 8 2000
P15F0612 6 X 12 1000
P15F0815 8 X 15 1000
P15F0912 9 X 12 1000
P15F1012 10 X 12 1000

Elkay Header Pak® Bags are made from LDPE material and are available in seven popular sizes. They're packaged 100 bags/header and have a perforated lip for easy tear off.