Side Gusset Bags from Elkay®

Elkay has the best selection of FDA-Compliant Side Gusset Bags.


Elkay® Side Gusset Bags are made from seamless tubing and they don't have side seams or slits that are prone to failure. In addition, Elkay Side Gusset Bags are only made with virgin resin so they're FDA-compliant for food contact. Don't overlook these vital elements when making your next purchase!


Elkay has the widest selection of Side Gusset Bags that you'll find anywhere. Combine this with eight fully-stocked regional warehouse locations that can help ensure some of the fastest deliveries in the business, and you have a combination that's tough to beat!
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No Leak Slide Seal Bags are designed with a special seal that doesn’t leak, even when turned upside down. These bags are perfect for storing items with a high moisture content. They're available in two sizes and feature a white block for easy contents identification.

TUF-R® Bags can Save You Money!

Tuf-R LLDPE bags from Elkay Plastics can save you 10-15% or more over the cost of regular bags! Tuf-R­ LLDPE bags are designed with extra strength and impact resistance that can allow a lighter gauge Tuf-R bag to perform as well as a heavier gauge LDPE bag.

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6G042008 4 X 2 X 8 LLDPE 0.6 1000
7G042012 4 X 2 X 12 LLDPE 0.75 1000
7G063012 6 X 3 X 12 LLDPE 0.75 1000
6G063015 6 X 3 X 15 LLDPE 0.6 1000
7G063015 6 X 3 X 15 LLDPE 0.75 1000
10G-063015 6 X 3 X 15 LDPE 1.0 1000
7G084012 8 X 4 X 12 LLDPE 0.75 1000
6G084018 8 X 4 X 18 LLDPE 0.6 1000
10G-084018 8 X 4 X 18 LDPE 1.0 1000
12G-084018 8 X 4 X 18 LDPE 1.25 1000


Here's a listing of some popular gusset bag sizes used in Foodservice. Because Elkay stock Side Gusset Bags range in size from 4 X 2 X 8 to 30 X 26 X 60, there's sure to be one that's right for your application. CLICK HERE to view our complete line of Side Gusset Bags on the Elkay website.
  LDPE bag gauge Use this    Tuf-R bag Potential Cost Savings

Tuf-R Side Gusset Bags

0.9-1.25 mil 6G or 7G Standard

15% or more!

1.25-2 mil 8G Heavy