Vacuum Pouches from Elkay®

Two styles of Vacuum Pouches preserve and protect foods.

Laminated Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouches

When you want the very best, these are the ‘gold standard.’ These 3 mil pouches have superior strength, durability and impact resistance, and can even be boiled! They’re available in 37 sizes, and some popular sizes are shown below.

Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches

These pouches have excellent strength and extra flexibility to accommodate irregular shapes. But their excellent price is what really sets them apart, making them the value leader of vacuum pouches. They’re available in 24 sizes, and some popular sizes are shown below.
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8 X 10 30NV0810 30NVC0810 1000
8 X 12 30NV0812 30NVC0812 1000
10 X 12 30NV1012 30NVC1012 1000
10 X 15 30NV1015 30NVC1015 1000
12 X 18 30NV1218 30NVC1218 500

Which vacuum pouch should you choose?

Laminated vacuum pouches provide excellent protection for their contents, but let's face it, not everything needs ultimate protection, and price is often a concern. So which line should you choose? 

All Elkay® Vacuum Pouches feature:
  • 3 mil construction
  • Excellent vapor transmission properties
  • Large side seals to protect against leaks
Laminated Vacuum Pouches feature:
  • Three layer construction: nylon, polyethylene, linear low density
  • Triple seal construction
  • Boilable
  • Excellent clarity and protection against impact and abrasion
Co-Extruded Vacuum Pouches feature:
  • Outstanding protection at a great price
  • Seven-layer construction
  • Excellent flexibility to conform to irregular shapes

Some Popular Sizes of Vacuum Pouches


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