Sandwiches are one of the top items on the lunch menu across the nation, and sandwich bags help keep them fresh and delicious! Sandwich bags are used in schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, catering, cafeterias and many other places.


Flip-top sandwich bags keep the sandwich fresh and the speed of filling and closing helps keep things moving in a busy kitchen. These bags are available flat packed or on a saddle pack dispenser for even greater convenience.


Zipper sandwich bags keep the sandwich inside nice and fresh, and consumers appreciate the convenience of the secure, resealable closure. These LDPE bags are a sturdy 1.2 mils thick and they’re packed in a handy dispenser pack.
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Flip Top Sandwich Bags

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Item Size Material Gauge (Mil) Qty/Case
HD07 6.75 X 7.75 + 1LP & FB HDPE 0.36 2000
H07 7 X 7 + 1.5LP & FB LDPE 0.85 1000
H06S 6.25 X 5.5 + 2 1/8LP & FB LDPE 1.0 1500

Zipper Sandwich Bags

Item Size Material Gauge (Mil) Qty/Case
H07RC 6 X 6 LDPE 1.2 1000
Item Size Material Gauge (Mil) Qty/Case
DP657 6.5 X 7 HDPE 0.5 2000

Flat Packed in Pop-Up Dispenser Box

Saddle Pack (200 bags/bundle)

Sandwich Bags from Elkay® Plastics

Popular ways to package the most popular lunch item.

Sandwich Bags on Rolls

Item Size Material Gauge (Mil) Qty/Roll
KF0606VP 6 X 6 LLDPE 1.4 2500
KF0608VP 6 X 8 LLDPE 1.4 1750

For packaging large numbers of sandwiches, nothing beats bags on rolls. These 1.4 mil bags are on an industry-standard care and can be heat sealed or taped shut. They feature Elkay’s Tuf-R® LLDPE resin for extra strength and have vertical perforations for easy opening.