Catering Take Out Bags from Elkay®

Large HDPE Take Out Bags are a great choice for strength and utility.

What Makes These Bags Special?

Catering Take Out bags are larger Take Out Bags specifically designed for the unique needs of the catering and family restaurant market. They’re made from strong HDPE material with sturdy loop handles that allow them to transport large ½ pan containers and other common take out sizes.

Who Uses These Bags?

Large Take Out Bags are used by Caterers, Family-Style Restaurants, Delis, Bakeries and many other users that need to transport large food containers. There are two sizes to choose from, and they both feature generous gussets that make them easy to fill and help prevent tipping and spillage.
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TO14115 14 X 11 ½ X 12 X 12BG 3.0 200 Fits up to four 9 X 9 containers and two small side containers
TO2214 22 X 14 X 15 ¼ X 14BG 3.0 100 For catering or large carryout orders. Half pan shallow, medium and deep. Fits 12" round trays, X-large food containers and bakery boxes or four 9 X 9 containers and two 12" trays.

Advantages of HDPE Take Out Bags

Compared to paper and cardboard, HDPE Catering Bags have some advantages that make them the clear choice:


What Sizes are Available?


Have more questions?

HDPE Take Out Bag Cardboard and Paper
Handles allow bag to be carried with one hand Boxes must be carried with two hands
Cardboard insert for strength Can leak and tear if bottom gets wet
LDPE material contains leaks Can leak and spill
No assembly required Must often must be assembled