Silverware Bags from Elkay®

Handy bags keep silverware clean and organized.

Silverware Bags are Widely Used

Silverware bags are commonly used in many mass feeding venues, including cafeterias, schools, and hospitals, by caterers and in convenience stores, and many others because they provide an economical, clean and safe way to dispense eating utensils.  They provide cost savings over pre-packaged silverware and give the ability to customize the contents to fit the needs of the food being served.

Wide Range of Options Available

Elkay® Plastics has a range of silverware bags to suit the needs of practically any user. Flat-packed flip-top silverware bags are available in HDPE or LDPE material and are an economical way for low volume packaging. Need to speed things up? Use our saddle-packed HDPE flip-top bags. Silverware bags on rolls are excellent for higher volume, and as a bonus, they have a vertical perforation for easy opening.
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HB-10 3 1/4 X 10 + 1 1/2FB HDPE 0.75 2000 Handy Dispenser Pack; Flip Top
SB32510H 3 1/4 X 10 + 1 1/2FB HDPE 0.5 2000 Flat packed; Flip Top
SB32510 3 1/4 X 10 + 1 1/2FB LDPE 1.0 2000 Flat Packed; Flip Top
DP3510 3 1/2 X 10 + 1LP + 2FB HDPE 0.5 2000 Saddle Pack, 200 bags/bundle; Flip Toop
KF03510VP 3 1/2 X 10 LLDPE 1.4 1500 Packed on roll; perforated for easy opening

Advantages of Plastic Silverware Bags

There are alternatives to Plastic Silverware Bags:
  • Provide loose cutlery, so that customers have to reach into a bin to grab their utensils
  • Wrap in a rubber band so that the cutlery is still exposed
  • Purchase pre-packed silverware that's more expensive and may not meet the needs of your customers


Some Popular Sizes and Put-Ups of Silverware Bags


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 Plastic Silverware Bag Advantages
Keeps eating utensils clean No one wants silverware from a tray that everyone else has been grabbing from
Contents can be customized for the application Who needs a knife at a yogurt shop? 
Economical Less expensive than purchasing pre-packed sets