Poly Aprons from Elkay® 

An Economical Way to Help Prevent Food Contaminantion

Choose the Right Apron for Your Needs

Elkay® Plastics poly aprons are available in two sizes, white or clear, and most feature an embossed texture that makes them more durable and helps keep the wearer cooler. They’re packed in a handy dispenser carton of 100 aprons each, so a fresh clean apron is always readily available.
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Poly Aprons Promote Food Safety
Poly aprons help promote food safety in restaurants, cafeterias and any other kitchen environment. Kitchen food safety guidelines require the use of aprons to prevent dirt or contaminants from spreading from the worker's clothing, but the apron needs to be changed after handling or working with foods that carry a high risk of contaminants such as raw meat, poultry, eggs or unwashed vegetables.

Elkay Poly Aprons available with plain or embossed textures in clear and white color.

AP10F2842 28 X 42 WHITE 1.0
AP8F2846 28 X 46 WHITE 0.8
AP10F2846N 28 X 46 CLEAR 1.0
AP10F2846 28 X 46 WHITE 1.0
AP15F2846 28 X 46 WHITE 1.5

Embossed Poly Aprons

  • Embossed texture provides extra durability and keeps the wearer cooler
  • Packed in handy dispenser carton
  • 100 per carton

Non-Embossed Poly Aprons

  • Packed in handy dispenser carton
  • 100 per carton
AP12F2846 28 X 46 CLEAR 1.25


Cloth aprons must be laundered after each use, but this doesn’t necessarily mean at the end of the day. A fresh apron should be used after handling raw foods, which can mean several apron changes per day for many employees.

Soiled aprons must be stored, and fresh replacement aprons must be available. This can be quite costly, and why disposable poly aprons can be a more cost-effective solution in a busy kitchen.