Heat-Resistant PET Wrapping Sheets 

Great for Grab 'N Go Packaging

Heat-resistant PET Wrapping sheets are perfect for packaging hamburgers, hot subs, hot wraps and more that will be displayed under a warming lamp before serving or retail sale. Their crystal-clear PET material makes the products look great, and they’re perfect for use by cafeterias, grocers, airports, C-stores, schools, hospitals or anywhere grab 'n go items are sold.

What's that foil pouch hiding?

PET Wrapping Sheets are clearly superior to foil wraps, foil pouches, paper sheets or cardboard boxes that are often used to wrap displayed food items. PET Wrapping sheets let the customer see the food inside instead of hiding it like other packaging. Let the customer see the quality of your foods and make them hungry for more!
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New item from Elkay® excellent for wrapping hot food items displayed under warming lamp.

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PET Wrapping Sheets

  • Heat Resistant
  • Flat Packed in dispenser carton for efficient dispensing and ease of use
  • Excellent for wrapping hot sandwiches, burgers, wraps and more
  • Exceptional clarity for product presentation
  • Strong, durable and flexible

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