Value Plus Seal Tops
Your 2 Mil Bag Might Be Overkill.

Cost Savings 
Value Plus Seal Tops provide substantial cost savings in comparison to 2 mil and 4 mil seal tops.

Reliable Zipper
All Value Plus Seal Tops have the same reliable zipper as Elkay's 2 mil seal tops for frequent reuse. 

Substitutes Gauge, Not Quality
Value Plus Seal Tops can seamlessly replace 2 mil zipper bags in many standard-duty applications.

STRENGTH: At 1.4 mils thick, they are strong enough to fill in for many of the same applications as 2 mil bags at a much lower price.

FDA COMPLIANT: Suitable to package and store food items and other perishables in.

INNER PACKS: Individually-labeled inner packs of 100 bags each for end user convenience.

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Value Plus Seal Top Features:

F20203VP 2 X 3 F20507VP 5 X 7 F20708VP 7 X 8
F20304VP 3 X 4 F20508VP 5 X 8 F20810VP 8 X 10
F20305VP 3 X 5 F20606VP 6 X 6 F20912VP 9 X 12
F20404VP 4 X 4 F20608VP 6 X 8 F21012VP 10 X 12
F20406VP 4 X 6 F20609VP 6 X 9 F21215VP 12 X 15

Sizes Available