BOPP Sheets from Elkay®
Giving Grab-N-Go Items a Premium Look Without a Premium Price.


At an end user cost between 5¢ and 7¢ per sheet, BOPP wrapping offers huge cost savings in comparison to other premium packaging options such as rigid containers.


BOPP film provides a moisture barrier that helps keep its contents fresh and baked goods crisp. Other packaging options may breathe, which results in moisture build up and soggy sandwiches.


BOPP, Sheets with their exceptional high clarity and firm texture, gives products a premium and high quality look that standard food wrapping can't match. They're also great for packaging candies, flowers and much more!
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BOPP Sheets vs. the Competition

BOPP vs. Containers

Costs 5¢ - 7¢ each to end user Costs 20¢ - 25¢ each to end user
Takes up little space in grab-n-go area, allowing more products to be put on display Takes up plenty of space in grab-n-go area, limiting the amount of products for display
Doesn't require much storage/warehouse space Takes up substantial storage/warehouse space

BOPP vs. Plastic Wrap

Has outstanding clarity and texture that gives a premium look to products Has flimsy appearance and texture that makes products look cheap
Moisture barrier prolongs product freshness and crispness of baked goods Film is breathable, allowing moisture to penetrate and dampen baked goods
Cannot smell the product through BOPP Can smell the product through plastic wrap
BOPP10F1414 14 X 14 1.0
BOPP8F1515 15 X 15 0.8
BOPP10F1616 16 X 16 1.0
BOPP10F1818 18 X 18 1.0
BOPP10F2020 20 X 20 1.0

Flat packed in 1,000 sheet dispenser packs
Made from BOPP material for excellent display and preservation properties