Portion Control Bags

Cost Savings
Portion Control Bags provide over 50% in cost savings compared to standard Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) bags!

Operational Efficiency
The saddle system allows for a much faster loading process than standard zipper bags, flat and gusset bags, and rigid containers. 

Multilingual Printing
Printed with a different weekday for each item number in English, Spanish, and French to signify which day of the week the product was portioned. 

Cost Savings: Rigid containers need to be washed; adding labor, material, and utility expenses while the portion control bag can be disposed of. Portion Control bags provide over 50% cost savings vs. other plastic bags.

Space Savings: Rigid containers take up more space than portion control bags in freezers, refrigerators, and shelves.

Printing:  LK Portion control bags are printed with each day of the week to indicate which day the product was portioned. Most rigid containers and alternative plastic bags are unprinted.

Operational Efficiency: The saddle system provides a quicker and more convenient loading process over the rigid container and other plastic bags; allowing kitchen staff to work more quickly and effectively.

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Portion Control Bags vs. Alternatives

Help your customers fine-tune their kitchens with Portion Control Bags from LK®.