Bags and Covers on Rolls 


Covers made from different materials are available to meet different application requirements. High Density covers are useful and cost effective for temporary, short term protection while thicker, Low Density covers provide a barrier ideal for long term storage and safeguarding.    


Our bags and covers on rolls are packed in dispenser cases for effortless and speedy dispensing. Since all bags on rolls have easy-tear perforations, just pull, rip and cover! 


We have the widest selection of sizes and thicknesses available anywhere in the industry! With over 50 sizes, thicknesses, and configurations to choose from, you're sure to find a cover that's the perfect fit for your need. 
PROTECTION. Equipment, electronics, machinery, and furniture are valuable investments. Get your money's worth and extend their life as long as possible to keep them looking and performing like brand new.

TRANSPARENCY. Clear equipment covers allow you to look through the cover and see your valuables anytime; ensuring that they're still in the condition that you left them.

RESALE VALUE. Using covers to protect your valuables will help keep them in top working condition. They will maintain their value and ensure you get top dollar when it's time to upgrade or replace.  

DUST. Debris and dust can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics and equipment with moving parts. Plastic covers are the easiest and most economical way to the keep dust away from your valuables.

RUST AND CORROSION. Water damage, rust, and corrosion are other maladies that can destroy your equipment and other valuables. Using covers provides a simple and inexpensive barrier that will protect your equipment from tarnish and erosion.

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Why You Should Cover Your Valuables

Bags and covers on rolls help your equipment and valuables look and perform like new. 

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