Take-Out Bags from Elkay®
Great food deserves great packaging to match.


High gauge HDPE material effectively protects food containers in transit. If any of the containers leak, the material will protect customers from hot liquids and contain spills. Even if wet, the bag will not lose strength or rupture.


Take-Out bags from Elkay are available in a wide variety of sizes, either printed or plain. With the ability to print up to 8 colors, Elkay's custom manufacturing capabilities can help with branding and make your dream designs become reality. 


Take-Out bags have extra wide gussets that allow them to stand on their own and make them quick to fill and stack food containers in. They are built with die cut handles or loop handles for easy and comfortable carrying.  

vs. Paper Bags

  • Superior print quality and graphics for better branding 
  • Have higher strength and protects customers from hot liquids, leaks and spills
  • Will not become soggy and rupture when soaked like paper bags

vs. T-Shirt Bags

  • Significantly more upscale look over traditional T-Shirt bags
  • Have a larger printable area and are easier to load with food containers
  • T-Shirt bags cannot stand up alone and most cannot fit containers larger than 9" inches

vs. Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

  • Less expensive than NWPP
  • Can also be reused by customers or recycled after use
  • HDPE does not become soggy and absorb liquids like NWPP during spills
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