Static Control Products 
Dry winter weather increases the danger of static damage!

StratoGrey™ Static Shielding Bags

StratoGrey bags take static protection to the next level! The buried metal construction provides Faraday Cage level protection from internal and external static sources. Because the bags are translucent, the contents are visible without opening the bag. StratoGrey bags are available in flat and zipper configurations.

Sensitive electronic items are vulnerable to the dangers of static electricity, and it only takes a fraction of a second for an electric charge to ruin a pricey component. Dry winter months mean more static electricity, so the danger is even greater at this time of the year. Be sure to stock up on the Static Control products that your customers need!

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Pink Anti-Static Bags and Tubing

Pink Anti-Static (PAS) bags are an effective and economical choice for protection when Faraday-Cage level protection isn't needed. These bags prevent static electricity from building up inside the bag, which can happen with even a small amount of handling. Elkay has PAS flat and zipper bags as well as PAS tubing for higher volume operations. 

Barrier Bags

Moisture Barrier Bags are made for 'dry packaging" of moisture-sensitive electronic components. In addition to superior protection against ESD and EMI, these 3.6 mil bags are  waterproof, greaseproof and vaporproof. They're available in three sizes.

Pas Flat Bags
     Available in over 50 sizes
     Can be heat sealed, taped or stapled shut
PAS Zipper Bags
     Available in 14 sizes
     Perfect for customer convenience or to package items that need to be accessed multiple times
PAS Tubing
     Available in nearly 30 sizes
    Ideal for high volume packaging operations


StratoGrey™ Flat Bags
     Available in nearly 60 sizes
     Can be heat sealed or taped shut
StratoGrey™ Zipper Bags
Available in 26 sizes
     Perfect for customer convenience or to package items that need to be accessed multiple times