Polypropylene Bags from Elkay® 
They're not just for food packaging!

Available in Many Sizes and Configurations

Polypropylene is widely used in retail and food packaging for its great appearance and food preservation properties. Polypropylene bags are available in side gusset, bottom gusset and zipper configurations and are also available as bottom gusset bags on a wicket dispenser.

Polypropylene is a very popular packaging material for food packaging, but of course it’s great for packaging many non-food products as well. Thanks to the amazing clarity of polypropylene, it’s used in many retail applications that don’t require its fantastic food preservation properties. Customers like to see the products they’re buying, and there simply aren’t many packaging options that make items look as good as polypropylene.  

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Your Products Will Look Their Very Best!
Polypropylene bags make your products look better! Why hide your great products inside packaging that hides the care and craftsmanship that you’ve put into it, when polypropylene packaging shows it off and makes it look its very best? Naturally, Elkay's polypropylene bags are FDA-compliant for food contact.

Need a Stronger Packaging Option?

Choose Polypropylene Co-Extruded and enjoy the great appearance of Polypropylene with a little added flexibility to help prevent tearing. As a bonus, these bags can go straight from the freezer to the microwave. These bags are available in side gusset and bottom gusset configurations.

Polypropylene Flat Bags

  • Available in 14 sizes

Polypropylene Side Gusset Bags

  • Available in 23 sizes

Polypropylene Bottom Gusset Bags

  • On wickets
  • Available in 9 sizes

Polypropylene Zipper bags 

  • With hang hole for easy display
  • Available in 10 sizes


Elkay Polypropylene stock bags are available in these configurations. Contact us for custom sizes and configurations.

Click HERE to download a product sheet for Elkay's Polypropylene Co-Extruded bags.