Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags from Elkay®

Outstanding Choice for Retail Bread Sales.

Micro-Perf Bags are an excellent way to package bread for retail sale

Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags from Elkay® Plastics are a great way to display fresh bread in a bakery or grocery store. The crystal-clear polypropylene material shows the bread off in a way that can’t be matched by a paper bag, and the thousands of micro perforations in each bag ensure that the crust stays crispy and delicious.

They're packaged on a wicket for speed and convenience

Bread that’s packaged in these bags looks great thanks to the clarity of the 1 mil polypropylene material. In addition, they can be filled quickly and easily either by hand or machine because they’re packaged on a wicket dispenser of 50 bags each. Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags are available in four sizes to fit popular loaf sizes.
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      ITEM      SIZE GAUGE (mil) QTY/CASE
PPF-0628M 6 X 28 + 1 1/2LP 1 1000
PPF-1016M 10 X 16 + 1 1/2LP 1 1000
PPF-1120M 11 X 20 + 1 1/2LP 1 1000
PPF-1324M 13 X 24 + 1 1/2LP 1 1000

Advantages of Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags vs. Paper Window Bread Bags

Compared to paper window bread bags, Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bags have some advantages that make them the clear choice:


What Sizes are Available?


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Micro-Perf Crusty Bread Bag Paper Window Bread Bag
Less Expensive 25-40% more expensive
Greater visual appeal Hide the contents
Packaged on wicket for quick and easy handling       Flat packed bags take more time to fill
Won’t show grease or oil spots   Unsightly oil or grease spots reduce appeal