Pallet Covers and Poly Tarps 
Be prepared to protect your inventory and equipment from winter weather!

Pallet Covers Available in Five Sizes

Pallet covers can protect items while in transit or while in storage in your warehouse. Pallet Covers from Elkay® Plastics are available in five sizes to fit most popular pallet sizes, and they’re available in natural or black color. Natural color allows visibility of the pallet contents while black covers contain UVI additive that protects the pallet contents from the harmful rays of the sun.

Be ready for winter’s rain, snow and muck by stocking up on pallet covers and tarps before the worst of the weather arrives. Pallet Covers and Tarps protect your valuable inventory and equipment from the perils of winter weather at a price that’s easy to live with.

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Popular Poly Tarps--Click HERE to see our complete selection of 26 sizes

Poly Tarps Protect Inventory and Equipment

Poly Tarps are easy to handle and provide excellent protection at an affordable price. They protect your inventory and equipment, indoors and out, through rain, sleet or snow. Natural color allows visual inspection of the covered items while black color can help keep prying eyes out. Pallet covers are available from Elkay® in 26 different sizes and 5 different gauge thicknesses, depending on the level of protection required. 

Pallet Top Sheets

Pallet Top Sheets protect your cargo while in transit from damage and pilferage. Simply place the Top Sheet on top and shrink wrap as usual. They’re available in two sizes to fit common pallet sizes.
10G-303060 60 X 60 1 250
12G-303060 60 X 60 1.25 250
12G-373775 75 X 75 1.25 200
48 X 48 X 48 3 30G-514973B
48 X 48 X 60 3 30G-514985B
3 FT X 100 FT 4 GB403
8 FT X 100 FT 4 GB408
20 FT X 100 FT 4 GB420
20 FT X 100 FT 6 GB620
40 FT X 100 FT 4 GB440

Popular Pallet Covers--Click HERE to see our complete selection of 5 sizes

10 FT X 100 FT 4 GC410
16 FT X 100 FT 6 GC616
20 FT X 100 FT 4 GC420
20 FT X 100 FT 6 GC620
20 FT X 200 FT 2 GC220
48 X 48 X 48 2 20G-514973
48 X 48 X 60 2 20G-514985
48 X 48 X 72 3 30G-514997
64 X 64 X 52 3 30G-686587